[TRANSCRIPT] I’m commonly asked, what’s the difference between what you can do for me and what a bankruptcy lawyer can do for me? And that question really stems from or comes from people not really knowing what their options are when they’re sued or harassed by a creditor, they think typically that bankruptcy is the only option, the only alternative to get away from the creditor without just paying it off right, outright or settling the account outright. And so let me explain the difference.

We actually fight the creditors in court. We’re litigators. We fight creditors through the court system. When a client or potential client is sued by a creditor, we respond to that lawsuit and we file the appropriate motions to fight that case in court and we win, in front of a judge or jury.There’s a toolkit that we use to fight creditors. We use laws that are in place, Federal laws that are in place and State laws that are in place to protect consumers. They are a body of Federal laws, for example, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. There’s the Fair Credit reporting that. There’s the Telephone Collection Practices Act. There is – Georgia has consumer protection laws. The Georgia Fair Business Practice Act. We use that body of law along with other procedural laws that apply to the collection of debt, for example, Statute of Limitations. There’s a four or six year Statute of Limitations on those debt. We can use that law. We understand that law and how to use it. and we use that to get you or get consumers out of debt, legally, without bankruptcy.